4 Things To Look For When Buying A Used Motorcycle

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Driving a motorcycle as opposed to a car or truck is an excellent way to save money on everything from insurance and registration costs, to gas and maintenance expenses. Buying a pre owned bike offers all of these benefits just as a new one would. But to ensure that your used motorcycle investment is one that you won't regret as time goes on, take the time to look for the following features when you shop:

An Opportunity for Third-Party Inspection

It's important that you have the opportunity to have a third-party technician you trust inspect the used motorcycle you want to purchase before making any financial commitments. This will help ensure that everything works the way it should and that you won't end up dealing with repairs and maintenance expenses later down the line due to damage or improper functioning at the time of purchase that wasn't caught by you or the motorcycle shop's mechanics.

Make sure that the company you decide to buy your used motorcycle from will allow you to take it to your own personal mechanic or allow your mechanic to come to the sales facility for a complete inspection. The report you get from your service technician may help you more effectively negotiate the overall price you pay for your bike because you'll have first-hand knowledge of exactly what kind of shape every aspect of the motorcycle is in.

Tune up and Repair Reports

You should be able to get copies of all the paperwork and receipts that correspond to any repair or maintenance projects that have been done on the motorcycle. With copies of the paperwork and receipts in hand, you'll be able to determine how many times the motorcycle has broken down, what has been repaired and replaced throughout the years, and whether regular maintenance such as oil changes have been kept up with.

You may find that while one motorcycle you have your eyes on hasn't been maintained but has had several repairs, another bike hasn't needed any repairs as it aged and has been meticulously maintained by the previous owner. In the end, you should be able to use this information from the past to gauge how well your chosen motorcycle will perform for you in the coming years before needing repairs or major part replacements.

Extended Warranty Options

Because you're buying used, it's crucial to make sure that the motorcycle you buy comes with extended warranty options of some kind. While your purchased bike may have a basic warranty that protects against defects during the first year or two of ownership, you'll be left to deal with repair bills and maintenance expenses on your own without an extended warranty in place. Choose a motorcycle to invest in that can be paired with an extended warranty that covers major parts and repairs for at least a few years after you bring it home. Even if you never use the warranty, you'll drive around with peace of mind in knowing that you made a smart investment and won't end up spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over your initial motorcycle investment due to the need for repairs.

Newer Tires

There is no reason why you should have to replace your motorcycle's tires within the first couple years of ownership just because you're buying used. Make sure that the motorcycle you decide to purchase comes with brand new tires, or those that don't show any wear and tear. There should be no cupping, punctures, cuts, or uneven tread wear on any part of your motorcycle's tires when you purchase it. If the tires aren't brand new, find out when they were put on the motorcycle and how many miles the bike has been driven since the tires were put on so you can determine who much wear is actually on them.