4 Features To Look For In A Top-Of-The-Line Street Motorcycle Helmet

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Whether you ride your street bike everyday as a means of transportation or you only take it out on a joyride on occasion, having a great helmet to protect your head during travels is ever important. While you probably already know the importance of finding a good helmet, if you are like a lot of riders, you will find it tricky to track down the best one because there are so many out there from which to choose. Take a look at these four important features to look for in a quality street motorcycle helmet. 

Low-Profile Shell Made from Composite Materials - A low-profile helmet feels less bulky on your head and does not cause strain on your neck because of wind resistance when you ride. Additionally, helmets made from various composite materials are also lighter in weight, which means the helmet feels less intrusive and cumbersome to wear even for long periods. 

Integrated Snaps for Face Shield Interchangeability - Not every face shield is created equal when it comes to street motorcycle helmets. However, most of them are designed to fit pretty much any helmet that has the right integrated snaps in place. Instead of going for a helmet that has a face shield already attached, go with a helmet that has the snaps only, which allow you to choose your own face shield that better fits your preferences. You can even choose to have multiple types of face shields, such as a tinted one for daylight hours and a clear version for nighttime rides. 

Comfortable Chin Strap with Breathable Padding - The chin strap is ultimately what holds your helmet in place and sturdy on your head, so this is a very important feature to consider when you are buying a helmet. Look for a chin strap that is fully adjustable, with sturdy D-rings and straps made of durable materials. Additionally, it is best to go for a chin strap that does have some breathable padding just at the base to prevent chafing and for added comfort. 

Antibacterial Liner - Because a helmet rests so close to your head, it will naturally mean a little more sweat–especially in the summertime heat. Because of this, you definitely want to make sure the helmet you choose has a quality liner that resists the accumulation of bacteria and microbes. Otherwise, the inside of your helmet can become a breeding ground for germs and odor. 

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